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  • Graphic Design

    Strong design is the foundation of all great work. Software skills don't mean much if you don't practice composition, typography, color theory, and other principles.

  • 2D Motion Designer

    Knowing how to use After Effects isn't enough to make beautiful movements. You need to learn the animation principles that have guided animators for decades.

Why Choose PixaMove?

All the courses are made by industry creative leaders.

    • Industry Oriented Curriculum

      All the programs are made by industry professionals. Programs are designed to develop practical and creative skills in a holistic way focusing on experimental learning.

    • Flexible & Personalised Learning

      Instead of running big batches, we have curated small cohort-based learning programs to ensure better focus and learning outcomes for all our students.

    • Interview Mockups & Entrepreneurial Support

      In addition to academics, you will be given creative interview mock-ups for better performance. And also if the student plans to begin their entrepreneurial journey, they will be given technical and creative feedbacks.

    • Proven Creative Mentors

      All the mentors are highly experienced and industry trained with an average work experience of 10+ years. Many of our mentors have been successfully running their own design and video agency and have been working with India’s and global leading brands.

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